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"Stained Glass" Morrisonite

This is a very  special pendant for many reasons, the first being that Morrisonite is only sourced here in Oregon and was purchased at a local gem show. It was then cut, polished, and wrapped by me in copper than antiqued.

 While the antiquing on the backside may naturally rub off, any parts not being rubbed against will remain black or very dark. This behaves this way because the rubbing acts almost smiliar to polishing, removing the treatment off the wire over time.

  This piece has been woven with very fine wire and is fragile, but gives a unique-tight weave that is truly eccentric. While packing this much detail on a design that is completely stable, it is relatively small. The piece itself is the size of a quarter, without including the bale.

  While many hours went into this piece I want to share it with someone who will treat it with respect and care, if this is you than please enjoy

"Stained Glass".

"Stained Glass" Morrisonite

SKU: 19
  • 32Lx 19Wx 9D mm

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