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Live Sale Guide

Tik Tok Live sales:

Contact Form:

After purchasing from me, please head to the contact tab above and fill it out. PLEASE include your Tik Tok handle so I know who I am talking to. International Customers only, also include your address and your phone number to ensure shipping fee accuracy on your invoice. You are responsible for any holds/duties, and you will not be quoted for them.


To claim, type the number on the back of an item along with any letters associated with the number (written on the back of the item). Be the first person to show up on my phone, to claim that item. The only exception is if priority is given to someone, which I will announce. Please also listen carefully as I announce who wins each item for accuracy.

Please no guessing!

Guessing on prices ruins the integrity of the claiming process and is unfair to those actually following the process. At times claiming can be hard and competitive, but that also adds to the experience of a live sale.


Invoices will be sent out within 48 hours of the end of the second live sale that week. Please watch your spam folder as my invoices almost always end up in your spam folder. The invoice will be from Minotaur Studios and is through Paypal, BUT you do NOT need Paypal to pay the invoice! There is an option to either login to Paypal or pay with a debit card. I do not accept other forms of payment such as Venmo etc. Once sent, you will have 48 hours to pay that invoice. I will ship out your order within 3-5 business days from your payment date, excluding live session days and orders that paid late.

 If the invoice is paid outside of the 48-hour payment period the order may not be shipped until the following weeks shipping period, so please pay on time.

If you fail to pay your invoice within the 48 hours you may be banned from our future live sales, items returned, and invoice cancelled. If there are issues, please communicate with me but understand that my ability to accommodate may be limited. If you have purchased from me already in a live sale you do not need to continue filling out the contact tab, I have your info saved.


To track your package, you will be emailed tracking information as Paypal updates the status of your order which also tend to land in the spam folder. So please keep an eye out for tracking number and updates in your email.

If you want insurance on your package you will need to tell me immediately after the live. Message me directly on Tik Tok, Instagram, or email me. If you do not reach out and request insurance your package will have whatever insurance naturally comes with that package. I am not responsible for lost packages or damages caused by the shipping provider. I am not responsible for reimbursement for either of those scenarios. Please reach out to me immediately if you would like insurance coverage on your packages.

International Shipping:

International customers, please fill out the contact form and include your phone number and shipping address. This allows me to accurately quote your shipping fee on your invoice. Minotaur Studious is not responsible for paying duties or quoting duty fees, this is the customers responsibility. I am not responsible for any holds or any issues after the item is dropped off with the carrier.

Returns are not accepted and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Returns will be exchanged for store credit with a 25% restocking fee and the fee to ship back will be the customer's responsibility. The items sent for return must be in the same condition they were when they were originally shipped out or the credit offered will be affected by this loss of value. This includes any damages incurred during the shipping process. The return must be initiated within three days of delivery to be eligible for return. 

The customer is fully liable for any allergic reactions, negative effects, or injury incurred by any material or item I offer. Minotaur Studios is not responsible in any capacity for health issues or damage caused by any material purchased or how it is used or handled. Please do your research and always act in a safe manner.

Disrespect, harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated in my live sales and will not be tolerated during our interactions. If for some reason you are being disrespectful or disruptive in any way, your order may be cancelled immediately, and you may be banned from my live sales. Please understand that failure to send me your information days after the live sale, revising the items you've claimed, ignoring my Direct Messages/emails, and paying late, are all instances that can get your order cancelled and get you banned from lives. Please understand that when you claim an item, you are agreeing to purchase that item in a timely manner with no revisions.


Often, I will write an affirmation or emoji on the back of a piece instead of the price. This is a giveaway item! Please accurately type in the Giveaway message to be considered for the giveaway! This is usually decided by using a D30 and counting down the comments to that number.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!!

Please make sure you send me your information!

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