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My Story

      Thank you for visiting Minotaur Studios and appreciating my craft.

        I have collected and incorporated gemstones with my meditation and Reiki for years. I find my joy creating meticulous works of art and tinkering away for hours at a time. I have always worked with my hands, but when I started wrapping gems I realized the calmness it instilled in me.

Recently, I have expanded Minotaur Studios to also rockhounding and lapidary. I will be selling cabochons  shaped and polished by me, and even some that I have hounded myself.


         In the darkness of the night, I get lost in the labyrinth of my crafts.


    Minotaur Studios is a customer-based business, creating quality pieces for those who will wear them proudly. I strive to supply a diverse selection of gemstones in my inventory and stunning designs to adorn them. Each piece is made with attention to detail and crafted with love.


       I am grateful for the opportunity to welcome these beauties into your home, into your life, and into your family, thank you.

-Mondo the Minotaur

Rainbow Tree of Life
Mondo the Minotaur
Ammolite pendant
Blue bull
My lovely girlfriend and I
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