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 Energy Work

   I currently offer distance Reiki sessions. A session can be purchased by contacting me and scheduling a time frame that is suitable for both parties.

Reiki Healing Energy-(Distance $40)

   The most effective way to receive distance Reiki is in fifteen minute increments for three consecutive days. I offer the three day distance package for $40. I do not schedule sessions Monday through Thursday at this time. I received my first Reiki certification in 2013, and my level 2 certification in 2014 and currently offer distance Reiki only.

 Some things to consider :

  • Reiki is natural universal energy that can only be used for good.

  • Reiki can be highly relaxing for some, so schedule when you can safely appreciate the energy.

  • Reiki energy is like water, it pools at the point that is most needed. This can be physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional healing. This can involve mending past life trauma or scars.

  • The energy often times directs itself as practitioners are simply channels for the energy to flow through. So please understand if you do not feel the energy physically, trust it is flowing to you in another channel.

  • It is easier for me to send Reiki to you if I can use an image, Facebook , Instagram etc.

  • Sessions can only be effective if you accept the energy and keep yourself open to healing energy during the session.

  • In rare cases, people may remain unaffected by universal energy.

If you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to me under the Contact tab on the menu header, thank you.

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